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Your Assessment Accounts Dashboard

On this page, you can edit or remove your individual Assessment Accounts. An Assessment Account is created for each user who completes one or more Insight Edge assessments. In other words, you can edit the contact information (including the password) for someone and/or remove them from your database of assessments here.

One situation where removing a person may be useful is if they need to retake an assessment from scratch. NOTE: if they simply want to review and amend their earlier responses, they can do so by logging in to their personal account and selecting the appropriate assessment and do not need to be removed here.

To begin, search for someone by name or email address or navigate to the folder that contains the Assessment Account you want to edit or remove.

Select the applicable client name from the drop down menu to get a list of folders you have permission to access.

Optional: After you select a Client above and before you select a folder below, you can search the entire set of your folders by name or email address. If you have a folder and/or subfolder selected below, your search will be limited to that folder/subfolder.

Enter your search criteria here and then click on the magnifying glass icon to execute:

Assessment User Accounts in this Folder/Subfolder

Remove Selected Accounts

Questions? Contact Eric Moore at or (317) 804-9440.