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To create a Job Assessment, please follow these steps:

Selected Client:

STEP 2 (if applicable):
Choose the folder you want your completed assessments to go into from the available existing folders and subfolders. Your existing folders will appear here AFTER you complete Step 1.

STEP 3 (optional, this will create a new folder if you need one):
Folder Name

Name the folder that you want assessments generated from this link to go into, but only enter something in this field if your folder does not already exist in the menus found above in step 2. If your folder already exists, leave this field blank and read the following paragraphs.

To select an existing folder, simply navigate to it and select (click on) it in the “Folders assigned to this client” or “Additional subfolders” menus in step 2.

If the folder you want to use does not yet exist, navigate in step 2 to the parent folder you want the new folder to reside in, select (click on) the folder you want to use as the parent folder, and enter the desired new folder name in the “Folder Name” field.

NOTE: The parent folder will be the very last folder shown in step 2. If you have additional folders shown below the folder that you intend to be the parent folder, go to the appropriate drop down menu(s) and choose “Select Folder” to deselect these subfolders. If you want this new folder to be under the root organization directory (you might want to do this if you want to organize assessments by department), make sure that only the first drop down menu in step 2 appears (it should say “Folders assigned to this client” right above it, not “Additional Subfolders”) and that “Select Folder” is chosen. Doing this with any subfolders showing will cause them to close and disappear from step 2.

Link Name

Give your Job Assessment link a name. This link name is for your use only and will not be seen by anyone else. It is a simple way for you to track active links and disable links you don’t want to use anymore. Because of this, link names need to be unique. One easy way to achieve this is to include the date in the event name. For example: “Customer Service Team Leader Feb 17”.

Job Name

Enter the name of the Job that you want to perform an assessment for.

Job Description

Describe the job that you want to perform an assessment for.

Do you want all candidates to also complete a Personal Assessment?

NOTE: This is highly recommended as it will allow you to include the candidates’ Primary and Secondary Patterns in the Candidate Comparison Report. It also does not incur any additional “cost”.

Job Assessment Administrator Name

This should probably be your name.  This is the person who will be the main point of contact for completing this Job Assessment.

Job Assessment Administrator Email

This should be the email address of the Job Assessment Administrator entered above.

STEP 10 (optional):
Additional Job Assessment “Survey Takers”

This is an optional step in case there are additional people who will be completing this Job Assessment.  We do recommend this for best results as it will provide you several points of view regarding the requirements for this position.  The email address(es) of any additional people you want to send the survey to should be entered here (one email address per box).  In most cases, these will be people currently in a similar position within your company or other managers who oversee similar positions.  This will allow the My Insight Edge system to notify and update you when others you assign the assessment to have completed it.

STEP 11:
Click this “Submit” button.

Once you submit this info, you will receive system-generated links that you can copy/paste into an email to send to anyone that you want to have take either the Job or Candidate Assessment. A single link can be used for just one assessment or for multiple assessments.

Questions? Contact Eric Moore at or (317) 804-9440.