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Nutshell Dashboard

On this page, you can create a Nutshell Report for anyone who has completed a Personal Assessment (this is required!).

To create one or more Nutshells, navigate to the folder that contains the Personal Assessments for the individuals you are interested in and select the check box next to their name. If you need to go to a different folder to select one or more additional people, the system will remember who you’ve already selected.

Once you’ve selected all the individuals that you desire, check the bottom window and verify that they all appear. You can click on anyone in that bottom window that you want to remove. When you are satisfied with the list of individuals, click on “Create Nutshell Options” at the bottom.

A new window will appear containing every possible combination of the people you selected. Choose the Organization and Folder that you want the Nutshell reports to be saved in. Select the check box next to each of the Nutshell combinations you want and click on “Generate Selected Nutshells” to create them and save them in the selected folder!

Selected Client:

Optional: After you select a Client above and before you select a folder below, you can search the entire set of your folders by name or email address. If you have a folder and/or subfolder selected below, your search will be limited to that folder/subfolder.

Enter your search criteria here and then click on the magnifying glass icon to execute:

All Personal Assessments in this folder are listed below
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The individuals you have selected for a Nutshell are listed below (you can remove a selection by clicking on that person’s name)

Create All Nutshell Combinations for the Selected Individuals