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Four Patterns We All Use
Each one of us employs a unique blend of four distinct communication patterns: Dominant, Expressive, Analytical, and Amiable. This Personal Assessment and corresponding report will help you understand the degree to which you use each of these patterns. After taking the assessment, you will learn about your primary and secondary patterns – the patterns you use most frequently – according to how you see yourself, how you are perceived by others, and how you act at work/under pressure. Understanding the patterns we use most frequently and how to interact with others who use different combinations of patterns allows us to more effectively relate to a variety of individuals.

The Nature of this Personal Assessment
The Personal Assessment is a powerful way to look at yourself. It will allow you to more accurately define the way you communicate and relate with other people. It is not a psychological analysis. It doesn’t try to determine your morals, your IQ, or the influence your upbringing might have had on you. It does not attempt to place any kind of values on you or your behavior. It simply helps clarify the way you communicate and relate with others.

Completing this Assessment
From each of the following four-word groups, select one word that is most like you and one word that is least like you. Think of yourself as a whole as you make your selections. Make sure you don’t let what others require of you (at work, at home, or in any other environment) define your responses. Asking others to help you complete the assessment will likely result in your results being less accurate than they otherwise would be. Finally, some sets of words are designed to be harder than others to make selections in – having to think a little more on some questions is perfectly normal!

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